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Shopping along Tianzi Fang of Taikang Road(泰康路/田子坊)

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Walking down the narrow lane of Tianzi Fang at Taikang Lu ('Art Street'), you'd be wondering if you were really in cosmopolitan Shanghai. At a glance, Taikang Lu features a mix of old and refurbished brick houses. However, do not be fooled by the traditional old lanes or wet clothes hanging on bamboo poles above your head. Taikang Lu sure deserves a second look. These days, many artists and local designers have set up boutiques and laid-back cafe is that have been drawing crowds of yuppies, fashionistas, designers and expatriates.

At the heart of Taikang Lu are many art studios and galleries. This area has been home to many artists seeking a reprieve from the threat of demolition of artist's villages and communities by property developers in recent years. These studios which are mostly situated at Buildings 3 & 5, feature many contemporary works of design, painting and photography.

There is no cover charge to view the works and you can always purchase any of the beautiful pieces created by the local artists in Shanghai. A long standing art center at lane 210 is Deke Erh Art Center, which was opened by Deke Erh himself. This influential art center holds his catalogue of published books on Shanghainese interior design and art decoration as well as Western architecture in Shanghai.

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