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Shanghai Taikang Food 泰康食品

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In 1914, the 13th year during the Republican Period, Taikang Food Store was established in Jinan City of Shandong Province. Originally, it was named Taikang Tinned Food Company. A wholesale department was later set up in Dongxinqiao area. The workshop had been moved several times. In the 16th year, Taikang Food Store was opened on Nanjing Road. The store deals in over 600 types of food, which break down into five categories, including candies, cookies, pastries, cigarettes and liquor, confects and dairy products. Laid out in a neat and orderly manner, cookies here are fresh and healthy.

Major products sold in Taikang Food Store include: Taikang “Evergreen” Cookies, “Evergreen” Soda, sandwich cookies (cream, lemon and milk), butter soufflé, butter cookies, and waffles of varied flavors.

The management pattern of “front store and back workshop” was resumed in 1990s. The store has since committed itself to producing various Chinese and Western pastries, cooked and pot-stewed food. With its own food processing factory set up, “Taikang” as a brand name is being revitalized.

Branch on East Nanjing Rd.
No. 768, East Nanjing Rd.
Tel: +86-21-63221279 63222897

Branch on North Sichuan Rd.
No. 1979, North Sichuan Rd. (inside Xinhai Food Store)

Branch on Tianyaoqiao Rd.

Branch on Xietu Rd.
Xietu Rd. Damuqiao Rd.

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