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Cultural Street - Duolun Road

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Duolun Road (formerly named Doulean Road transliteration)is a small street in Shanghai, near the North Sichuan Road. It is stated that"a hundred years' history of Shanghai, witnessed in Duolun Road, a very small street". There were many renowned Scholars and literary men lived in this small street in early 20 century. Such as,the literary giants, Luxun, Maodun, Guo mo-ruo and Ye sheng-tao etc. and the authors of "The Left-wing Authors Alien, for example, Ding Lin and Rou Shi, and their literary activities instituted this place-- "a key position of modern literature", in the meanwhile, it was endowed with "an open museum of Shanghai-style construction" by the far-famed Gongfei Café(relic) and Honde Hall, and the residences with various styles, for instance, Kong(xiang-xi) Residence, Bai(Chong-xi) Residence and Tang(En-bo) Residence. Above all, a strong flavor of culture has been formed in this street by famous men of letters such as, Qu Qiubai, Chen Wangdao, Zhao Shiyan and Uchiyama Kanzo(Japanese), and by the major cultural spots e.g.  Jinyun Lane, Arts University of China, Arts Drama Troupe and many other residences of celebrities and many other lanes in old Shanghai fashion, whenever people who linger on this road to enjoy themselves so much as to forget to go home.

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